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Email Marketing Littleton Colorado
Email Marketing Littleton CO

The popularity of email coupled with its cost-effectiveness as a marketing tool makes it an important customer acquisition and retention vehicle.

Email marketing will be effective with the following rules:

  • Identify your audience and target the message. Put the message in front of people who are most likely to have an interest in your product or service. Ask whom the offer will benefit, where they can be found and what to say that will effectively communicate to them.

  • Offer value. You must create an offer they can’t resist. And the value must be easy to buy or to access. Current customers should receive an up sell or cross-sell so revenue will increase accompanied by customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Use repetition. Integral to successful marketing is visibility so put the message in front of your customers repeatedly. Make sure you determine the line where the repetition becomes annoying and do not cross it. Also, very important is creating and respecting an opt out scenario.

  • Track your email marketing. Track your email marketing. Let me say that once again: Track your email marketing. How well is this working? Are there apparent trends? Do some messages, price points or promotions work better than others?

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Tips for Successful Direct Email Campaigns

Marketing On Demand can work with you on the key elements such as the offer and the creative concept, copy or design. Please for more information or set up an introductory appointment.