A Turnkey Marketing Program at a Fraction of the Cost

Many companies hire creative design firms to manage their marketing campaigns. But without a clear message that resonates with the specified target audience, these efforts will fail to drive sales—the primary function of marketing.

Following a proven process including industry research, customer interviews and internal staff meetings, we quickly ramp up on your organization’s offerings and how best to present them to your target audience. We then provide a strategic plan, complete with messaging components and tactical recommendations, to standardize your message across your sales and marketing efforts.

We then support you in the implementation of tactical recommendations, which generate more qualified leads, help convert leads to sales and increase the average worth of a client.

The Process

Our first step is to gain an understanding of your business, not only from you but also from the people who matter most—your customers and prospects.

We learn about your perceptions of the marketplace and your understanding of what’s most important to customers and prospects. At this point we will also gather your existing marketing materials for thorough review. We create and conduct surveys with customers and prospects and submit a verbatim report on their feedback. At this time we also solicit testimonials for use in future marketing materials.

Next, we examine competitors’ websites and materials and, if desired, mystery shop your competition to find out how they are selling to prospects.

After the surveys are complete, we meet with you to ask how you are currently differentiated in the marketplace and how you could become more innovative. Based on our research, we create messaging pieces that are the basis for your marketing efforts, ensuring that you are conveying a consistent message that appeals to your customers and prospects. These pieces include:

  • Situation overview
  • Positioning statements
  • Sales scripts
  • A bank of headlines
  • Website copy
  • Sales sheets that include a company overview, your offerings and case studies
  • List of recommended marketing tactics
  • Tactical worksheet

How long and how much?

A lot of marketing companies offer this service. The difference is Marketing On Demand can create this strategy plan in as little as eight weeks. The other difference is price. Shop this service and you will find the same service package offered at a cost of more than $30,000! Marketing On Demand brings this package to you for $15,000.