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Tradeshow and Event Planning Littleton Colorado
Tradeshow and Event Planning Littleton Colorado

Trade Shows, Conferences, Meetings & Events

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the best of the best tactical environments. In this environment, an entire industry comes together for a short period of time where you can sell your products or services. Leads generated at trade shows are superior to other leads. But, too many times, poor pre-show promotion and lack of training result in a less than satisfactory conclusion to the show.

Don’t let the next show be “just another one.” Make it special! Maximize your sales opportunities!

  • Generate qualified leads.
  • Create a forum to consult and advise your customers not just sell to them.
  • Reach a captive audience.

Marketing On Demand can present a seminar to your staff on trade show presence. We can also help you create tools to use at the show:

  • Traffic builders
  • Literature and collateral materials
  • Booth logistics, décor, props and staff
  • Lead cards
  • Strategy
  • Lodging
  • Staff
  • Transportation

Your company should stand out! Take advantage of one or more of the services offered by Marketing On Demand to make the next show your best show. Let Marketing On Demand pinpoint your needs and aim for success.

Conferences, Meetings and Events

Marketing On Demand books a number of meetings and events annually. This buying power and familiarity with the vendors translates into cost savings for you. As a single point of contact, hiring MOD reduces the number of calls to plan a meeting or event. MOD is in contact with vendors and expedites the lengthy process of reaching suppliers and vendors. This allows you time to focus on the needs of your organization and the content of the meeting.

Our role is that of a partner and consultant to you. MOD remains objective when presenting opportunities for your organization. You are the preferred partner, not the local vendors, and therefore present any and all properties that meet your needs.

Each event, each meeting, each conference is different. Make the content your only concern and let Marketing On Demand handle the details.

  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Site determination - MOD researches destinations or locations and provide hotels or resorts that meet the goals of your program and organization. Because we do this each and every day, we can do this in hours what might normally take others days.
  • Contract negotiation - A contract represents more than rates and dates. MOD reviews contracts to ensure that you receive a fair and equitable agreement. Cancellation, attrition, indemnification and force majeure are examples of terms to be reviewed carefully. In addition, there are tremendous values that can be added to a contract. MOD delivers the best possible value for your program, which results in a better return on your meeting investment.
  • Lodging
  • Sponsorship
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Transportation

Please for more information about your event needs or to set up an introductory appointment. We can answer questions you may have about tradeshows, event planning and conference planning.